Hi everyone.

This is literally a very quick post. I imagine you’re all sick to death with GDPR (not another email…!!) but this is just to let you know that if you’re receiving this as an email, it means you’ve subscribed to my blog The Hectic Cook at some point. The only information I have of yours is your email address, and you’ll receive an email every time I blog a new post (as sporadically as that may be, sorry!). I will never use your email address for any other reason, and will definitely not pass it on to any 3rd party for any reason, unless I am required to by law. I’ve updated my Privacy Policy, so you can take a gander at that too if you’d like (if you’re not sleeping well maybe). If you’d rather I didn’t have your email address, you can either unsubscribe (at the bottom of any email you’ve received from me there will be an option to unsubscribe) or send me a message at admin@thehecticcook.com and I’ll remove you from my list.

And as they say in the cartoons, that’s all folks!

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