My name's Sarah, the Hectic Cook. I'm a busy wife and mum of four (including triplets), cooking simple, tasty food to fit in with my hectic lifestyle.



My name’s Sarah and I’m the Hectic Cook.

I’m a busy wife and mum, originally from Scotland, now living in Oxfordshire (England), who loves to cook. I live with my husband, and our four children – Henry, who’s 7 years old, and Alice, Hannah and Lucy, who are 4 years old. Yes, they’re triplets; yes, it was quite a shock; no, they don’t run in the family; yes, our hands are most definitely full…. 🙂

My desire is to share my love of cooking, with anyone and everyone, with a hope of inspiring others to take up their wooden spoons and start cooking. Whether you’re a total cooking newbie, or a seasoned chef, I hope you can find something in my blog to inspire you, or something you would love to give a go. If nothing else, you can always have a laugh at my crazy life!

I’m a friendly sort, and I love hearing about folk trying out my recipes. So please do get in touch, either on Facebook or by email at And tell me what you think!


Happy cooking!


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